The Montgomery County couple accused of abusing their autistic twins agreed in court Wednesday to allow social workers to take temporary guardianship of the twins for the next two months.

The parents, John and Janice Land, have not decided whether they will try to bring the 22-year-olds back into their Rockville home, according to their attorney, Maura Lynch.

“They just want what is best for their kids,” Lynch said after the brief hearing.

On July 17, police discovered a barren basement room in the Land’s home where the twins were kept locked at night. Police charged the Lands with abuse of vulnerable adults and false imprisonment. As part of the couple’s bond conditions, they are not allowed to have contact with either young man. Lynch said those conditions also prevented the Lands from challenging the county’s efforts to obtain guardianship.

There are two proceedings in the case. In the criminal matter, police allege the room where the children slept had no furniture, carried an overwhelming odor of urine and had no working lights. Lynch declined to comment on the allegations, other than to say she will likely be advancing the Land’s side of the case in the weeks ahead.

John Land’s father said the allegations are overstated, given the challenges posed by the twins, who were non-verbal, given to running off and had regressed after being toilet trained.

In the other proceeding, the county’s Department of Health and Human Services is seeking guardianship. The young men have been moved into a group home, according to court records.

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