An event that seemed at first to be charmingly suggestive of simple fun and innocent pleasures apparently went sadly wrong last week in Montgomery County.

About 5 p.m. Wednesday at a barbershop in the northern part of Silver Spring, a couple of patrons, as police told it, decided to have a footrace.

The race was apparently held near the shop in the 13800 block of Old Columbia Pike, police said. Interest seemed keen enough that, according to police, bystanders placed bets.

The race was close. When it ended, people reassembled at the shop and, police said, an argument erupted “over who won.”

It being a barber shop, one participant in the dispute, according to police, grabbed a pair of shears.

One of the runners, 28, was cut on the hand, police said. The assailant was disarmed, but a second man, 40, was later punched in the face, police said.

Police said the alleged assailant was arrested, charged with assault and released on personal bond.