The school bus that fatally struck a 91-year-old pedestrian at a Montgomery County intersection Wednesday was following a green signal, police said Thursday. The victim, who was using a walker, apparently made it across most of U.S. 29 (Columbia Pike) before being hit.

Police said their investigation thus far has shown the following sequence of events. About 2:23 p.m., Elia Miranski began walking in a crosswalk — going across U.S. 29 at Tech Road. He made it past the southbound lanes to a median. He continued across the first two northbound lanes, which are for drivers making left turns. That traffic was stopped by a red, left-turn arrow. But the next three lanes were for cars continuing north, and that traffic was flowing under a green light, police said. Miranski was struck when he walked across that section of the road.

The bus was carrying 14 students back to Howard County after a field trip to the White House. None of the students were injured. The accident occurred just north of the White Oak section of the county.

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