Interviews in the stands at a Baltimore Ravens football game put detectives on a trail that led to arrests in four burglaries, authorities said Friday.

Detectives went to M&T Bank Stadium on Sept. 27 to investigate a break-in in which tickets were taken, Howard County police said.

One person in a seat on the list of stolen tickets said a woman had come to his sports memorabilia shop on Sept. 24 — the day of the burglary — to sell the tickets, police said. He had her name.

Investigators found that a woman with that name drove a PT Cruiser automobile, the model of car that was seen at two homes that were burglarized last month, police said.

They also said that surveillance video from a pawnshop showed a man and woman selling stolen items. According to police, the woman resembled a photo of the woman who had allegedly sold the tickets, and the man had a PT Cruiser at his house.

Joseph L. Baumgarten, 40, of Kenton Road in Pasadena, and Dianna Marketti, 30, of Brooks Court in Glen Burnie, were arrested and charged with four counts of burglary, police said.