Washington’s long stretch of warmer-than-usual months has ended. After 12 consecutive months of above-average temperatures, November 2012 was cooler than the norm, according to the National Weather Service.

Little room was left for doubt: It was three degrees cooler.

One sign of the chill: The mercury at Reagan National Airport, Washington’s official measuring station, fell to the freezing mark Nov. 26. That was two full weeks before it got that cold at National last year.

As if to show that the 32 on the 26th was no fluke, the mercury skidded to a below-freezing mark Thursday — 31 degrees.

Election Day, one of November’s calendar landmarks, also helped keep the month cool. With a high of 48 and low of 34, the temperature Nov. 6 was 12 degrees below normal for the date.

In addition, last month was not the “damp, drizzly November” that was cited in the opening of a famous 19th-century American novel and is often how the month is thought of.

In fact, the Weather Service, citing data from National, said that last month was one the 10 driest Novembers on record in Washington.

National reported only 0.6 inches of rain all month, almost all on Nov. 13. The total was less than 20 percent of normal.