A D.C. Council member sent a letter Monday to his constituents in what appeared to be another public demonstration of elected officials’ awareness and concern about the city’s increase in homicides and armed robberies.

“Ensuring that Ward 4 neighborhoods are safe is a chief concern for me and my staff,” wrote Brandon T. Todd, a Democrat who represents the ward on the council.

In the letter, he cited an “uptick in crime” in the entire country as well as the District.

Because no cause has yet been determined, he said, concern about safety in local neighborhoods is understandable.

“I share your concerns,” he said, and added that he has been working on a variety of ways to address the issues.

Last week, council member Charles Allen ( D-Ward 6), also discussed in an interview, efforts to curb crime in the Shaw area, which has been the scene of several shootings, including the slaying Saturday of an American University graduate in reported crossfire.

He called that killing tragic, and also frustrating in the light of efforts to find ways to increase neighborhood safety.

Earlier, council member Brianne K. Nadeau (D-Ward 1) posted a letter online deploring three shootings that occurred in the Park View area of her ward on one night last month. She described them as “a terrible thing,” and said they had occurred “despite all the additional attention and resources we’ve brought to this location over the past few weeks.”