The D.C. police will activate new automated traffic enforcement cameras Saturday as part of an expanded traffic safety campaign to combat dangerous driving in the District.

Police will utilize new photo enforcement technologies to reduce gridlock and stop sign violations, enforce pedestrian right of way at crosswalks and the speed limit, and ensure that oversized commercial vehicles do not drive on restricted streets.

Police said the new cameras will boost the safety of D.C. streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers, and provide traffic enforcement in areas where it would be dangerous or difficult for officers to pull over drivers.

The city is expanding the program after success with its red light cameras. The cameras were introduced in response to a 1999 citywide survey in which 62 percent of residents listed unsafe driving as their number one safety concern.

Police placed the new cameras at major intersections prone to crashes and injuries, in high- traffic areas, near schools and recreation centers and in sections prohibited for commercial vehicles. A full list of the new locations can be found at

Drivers will receive warnings for violations at the new camera locations until Dec. 29, and then will be issued fines. Fines for violations captured by cameras are the same as those issued by a police officer.