Two former D.C. inspectors have been charged with soliciting and receiving $20,000 in bribes last year in exchange for not reporting environmental violations at a Southwest Washington apartment complex that was being renovated.

Joe Parrish, 52, and Gregory Scott, 60, who worked for the D.C. Department of the Environment, were charged in a criminal information, a type of document that can only be filed with their consent and that generally signals a plea deal is near. The two have been free since their arrest in an FBI sting operation in August.

No hearing date has been set.

Federal prosecutors wrote in court papers filed Monday that the inspectors told a representative of the company managing the apartment complex they would “burn” a report that cited infractions if they were paid $20,000.

The representative of the Channel Square Apartments in the 300 block of P Street SW paid the inspectors $2,500 each on Aug. 23, prosecutors said. A week later, prosecutors said, the representative paid the men $15,000.

Unknown to the inspectors, prosecutors said, the company representative was working as an informant for the FBI and the meetings were being secretly recorded. A spokeswoman for the D.C. Department of the Environment said Scott and Parrish were let go in September.