Heat may set records, and storms may knock out power. The D.C. police may adopt promising new tactics, and crime statistics may improve.

Nevertheless, on a weekend such as this past one, when so much of daily life was disrupted, robberies continued.

Preliminary accounts from police indicated that about 10 robberies were reported Sunday.

A couple of them were classified as snatch robberies, in which someone grabs something from the victim and runs off. That includes one that occurred about 8 p.m. where Argonne Place and Lanier Place in the Adams Morgan area.

At least two robberies involved guns, and, in at least one, it was reported that force was used. A knife was apparently used in one robbery.

There were no immediate reports of injuries in any of the holdups, and it was not clear what property was taken.

The crimes occurred in a variety of neighborhoods, in all quadrants except Southwest, and from the descriptions of the suspects, it did not appear that the same people were involved in more than one of the incidents.

If there was any recognition of the heat of a day on which the temperature reached 99 degrees, it might have been in the attire worn by a couple of the robbers.

In a robbery that occurred about noon in the 1200 block of 14th Street NW, the robber was said to have worn white shorts.

In an earlier robbery on 14th Street, this one around 6 a.m. in the 3600 block, one robber wore white shorts and a second was in blue jean shorts.

A robber in one of Sunday’s incidents shielded his identity with an item usually associated with winter. In an early morning robbery in the 1200 block of North Capitol Street, the suspect was in a ski mask, according to the initial account.

In at least two of the crimes, the robbers made their getaway in automobiles.