A 69-year-old man who was wounded in a weekend double shooting in the District has died, making the incident a double homicide.

Police said Nathaniel Beasley Jr. of Southeast Washington died Sunday. He had been found with gunshot wounds in a car about 1:45 a.m. Saturday in the 1100 block of Bladensburg Road and admitted to a hospital in critical condition.

Another man, Raymond Harris, 44, of Northwest, was found dead in the road, also with gunshot wounds, police said.

The number of homicides in the District has been declining; based on available records, the shooting Saturday was the first attack in the city in months in which two people were killed.

A relative of Harris’s described him Sunday evening as an Amtrak employee who had just been promoted. She said he was someone people turned to when they were in difficulty, “a protector.”

“When you were in trouble and needed someone to help you out, that’s the person you would go to,” she said.

As she understood it, she said, Beasley had called Harris to ask his help in getting back money that reportedly had been taken from Beasley.

“I can’t grasp it” too well, the relative said of Harris’s death. “None of us can grasp it too much.”

Beasley’s relatives could not be reached.