Biscuit with his new family. (Fairfax County Police Department/Fairfax County Police Department)

After more than two years of living on the lam in Franconia and becoming a bit of a local celebrity, the white-and-brown Shih Tzu — named Biscuit — has found a home.

Biscuit, who was so named by area kids, was spotted by Fairfax County Animal Control officer Enna Lugo in late January.

Many area residents and Fairfax animal control officials had tried to capture the little pooch but to no avail. The pooch kept up a relatively healthy weight, officials said, by swiping cats’ food from area houses.

The dog became so good at evading capture that Lugo and volunteers set up a doggie dragnet in April to catch him. When they caught Biscuit, they shaved the matted dog’s hair and got rid of ticks.

No one is sure how Biscuit came to live on the streets. Some area residents had said the owner died. Others had said a neighbor moved and left him behind.

Biscuit spent several months in foster care with Lugo. He was adopted in August by Faisal and Mary Ann Rashid of Oakton and their two school-age children, Julie and Sam.

On Monday, the Fairfax County Police gave an update on Biscuit and his new family. They said he has been “adjusting well to life in his new home.”

Mary Ann Rashid said Biscuit has become comfortable and “even protective” of his family over the past several months.

“He and I walk the kids to the bus every morning, and he waits for them to come home,” she said. His favorite activity is cuddling with the family during TV time, and he likes to sleep under the parents’ bed, Mary Ann Rashid said.

Lugo said she is relieved Biscuit has adjusted to his new surroundings.

“He’s found the loving home we always wanted for him,” she said.