Fairfax County police said two men robbed the Bank of Georgetown, at 1850 Towers Crescent Plaza in McLean, on Oct. 30 and then fled by foot. The men were wearing black masks at the time of the incident and one had a handgun.

One man, who is thought to have been unarmed at the time, jumped over the bank’s counter at approximately 3:15 p.m. and demanded money from a bank employee, police said. He was holding a black plastic bag.

Police said the other man, who was holding a handgun, stayed on the other side of the counter.

The men were given the money and fled on foot.

There were no injuries.

The FBI and Fairfax County Police Department are investigating the robbery and its possible connections to two recent robberies in Montgomery County of a CVS and a Wells Fargo bank as well as a robbery of a BB&T bank in Fairfax.

Police are looking into possible connections between the four cases due to the close timing of the incidents after a lull of robberies in the area, Fairfax County Officer Don Gotthardt said.