Editor’s note: The video linked to contains violence.

Fairfax County Police said Wednesday they are trying to identify the people who beat a man in an attack caught on video in Springfield.

The video was caught on a neighboring homeowner’s surveillance camera and posted on YouTube by the homeowner, according to authorities.

Police received a report after 10 p.m. Monday night of disorderly conduct in the 5200 block of Inverchapel Road.

The 30-second, black-and-white video shows about half-a-dozen young men shoving, kicking and punching another young man. Some attackers appear to have drinks in their hands. Some people standing by watched and took video on their electronic devices. After the attackers beat the man, many ran from the scene.

A neighbor's home surveillance video shows a fight in Springfield. (YouTube.com/Jack Webb)

Bud Walker, a spokesman for the Fairfax police department, said investigators had spoken to the victim. He said he did not have any information on the victim’s condition or whether he was treated for medical injuries.