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Firefighter placed on leave after anti-cop comments appeared on Facebook

A Fairfax County firefighter has been placed on paid administrative leave as the department investigates a comment that appeared on his Facebook account about wanting to put police officers in “body bags” after recent police shootings.

Khalil B. Abdul-Rasheed came under scrutiny this week, after the comments were posted Saturday on a Facebook page called "Filming Cops." The comments came in response to another user's comments about a video of police shooting.

"We have [to] start putting them in body bags . . . stop filming and rally to your fellow citizen. Pull the cops off, lay on the individual, form a circle or throw punches. Do something . . . They can't massacre a mob," the post read in part.

Abdul-Rasheed did not immediately respond to a request for comment, so it was unclear whether he made the post himself. The post generated anger among police officers and county officials.

Fire Chief Richard R. Bowers Jr. said the comments had raised concern.

“The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department will not tolerate committing or inciting violence against law enforcement officers,” Bowers wrote in a statement.