Fairfax County police have arrested four people on charges of robbing and assaulting victims whom they found on Craigslist.

Lucy Caldwell, a police spokeswoman, said that the four suspects posted on the Web site that they were selling iPhone 5S devices at below-market prices. When the suspects went to meet people who expressed interested in buying the phones, she said, they instead robbed them and sometimes assaulted them.

Charged by police were Mohamed Haddou, 19, of Annandale; Wendy Lotongo, 19, of Alexandria; David Obripau, 19, of Washington; and David Williams, 20, of Annandale.

Lotongo, Obripau, and Williams were charged with robbery; Haddou and Williams were charged with malicious wounding; and Lotongo was also charged with using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Caldwell said that all of the victims were “of non-English speaking background and were foreign to U.S.,” but the police department would not say that the victims were specifically targeted based on their nationalities.

She said that the investigation into the Craigslist robberies is ongoing, and additional suspects may be charged.

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