There were four hit-and-run accidents involving drunk drivers in Arlington on Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

It’s “fairly unusual” to see that many such incidents in one day, said Arlington County police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

One case involved a drunken man sleeping behind the wheel while driving down Glebe Road, Sternbeck said. Another involved a woman driving with a flat tire down I-66 around 3 p.m.; after hitting another vehicle, she came to a stop only when she hit a concrete barrier. Her blood alcohol level was .36, more than four times the legal limit, Sternbeck said.

Altogether, according to police, there were 14 DUIs in Arlington over the weekend and nine drunk in public arrests. Around Thanksgiving, the police generally see more drunk driving incidents and increase patrols accordingly. But that kind of spike isn’t usually seen until at least the Wednesday before the holiday, Sternbeck said.