Summer 2012, that season of sweltering superlatives, may finally be ending. Days of cooler weather are in the forecasts. The solstice was weeks ago, and Labor Day is not so far off.

Friday was hot, however — the hottest day of the past eight. And by a thermal quirk, it was the first day all summer on which Washington’s official high temperature was 94 degrees.

Every two-digit number starting with a 9 had been listed at least once this year as the official high at Reagan National Airport — 90, 91, 92, 93 . . . All of them except for 94, until Friday. (There have also been eight days with temperatures of 100 or above.)

According to National Weather Service forecasts, there may not be another 90-degree reading at the airport for days. For Saturday through Tuesday, forecasters are calling for highs in the low 80s. After that, they expect three days in the mid-80s.

Meanwhile, the normal high temperature declines on Sunday to 86 from a July high of 89. And days are getting notably shorter. Sunday is the 60th day since the solstice, and it has an hour and 22 minutes less daylight.