A drug suspect who got out of handcuffs and fled from police in Virginia last summer, reportedly in his underwear, has been arrested in Minnesota.

LaFonzo French, who was 40 when he escaped, had been on Fauquier County’s most-wanted list. He surrendered Monday to federal agents in Sauk Rapids, Minn., when his escape route was cut off, the U.S. Marshals Service said.

The agency said five arrest warrants relating to drug charges were issued against French in Fauquier on July 1, and authorities arrested him at his home in Midland, Va. But he got out of his handcuffs and fled, the Marshals Service said. News accounts said he was last seen in boxer shorts.

After authorities knocked on his door in Sauk Rapids, the marshals said, French was about to jump from a back balcony when he saw officers below. He surrendered in the apartment, they said.