Some of the heaviest rains of this summer fell in the Washington region Sunday, on a day of storms that produced not only soakings, but also spectacles, including rainbows and a waterspout.

The waterspout, which is essentially a tornado over water, was spotted from the shores of Charles County, near the junction of the Potomac and Wicomico rivers. There was no immediate indication that the tornado touched down on land.

A double rainbow was observed in the Greenbelt area during the afternoon.

In Baltimore, 3.15 inches of rain fell by about 5:30 p.m., setting a record for the date, the National Weather Service said.

The Weather Service said its radar indicated that even more rain fell in parts of Southern Maryland. It appeared at 6:30 p.m. that from four to seven inches had fallen around the areas of St. Leonard and Calvert Beach.

But at Reagan National Airport, only a bit more than one quarter of an inch of rain was measured by 5 p.m., although more fell as the day wore on.