On a day that seemed to exemplify this sweltering summer, Saturday was hot in the afternoon, hot in the evening, and warm enough in the morning to set a record.

Around sunrise on Saturday morning, when temperatures usually fall to their lowest, Washington’s temperature, measured at Reagan National Airport, descended no lower than 79 degrees.

Normally on Aug. 4, Washington’s temperature drops to 71, according to National Weather Service records. Until Saturday, the Aug. 4 temperature in the cooler part of the day had always dropped to least as low as 78.

But high overnight temperatures have become frequent this year. On July 18 the mercury set a record when it never dipped below 80 degrees. On July 2, a 140-year-old record was tied when the temperature remained above 72 degrees all day.

Saturday’s high temperature was 96, and by 8 p.m., the mercury was still at 90.

(this article has been updated)