Unusual surveillance camera footage provided vivid images of a man being punched and robbed Friday in Prince George’s County, and an arrest was made Monday, the county police said.

The robbery occurred outside a business in the 6000 block of Riverdale Road in the Riverdale area, police said. The area is near Kenilworth Avenue and a large neighborhood shopping area.

Police said the victim had just left a restaurant when the robbers approached and asked for a cigarette. When the victim said he would give them one, he was struck in the face. The victim then fell, dropping his wallet and cellphone, which were taken, police said.

Surveillance video of outdoor crimes is less often available than that showing robberies inside businesses. The video released Monday shows the man leaving the restaurant and walking 10 or 15 feet along a sidewalk. He is apparently carrying his wallet and cellphone in his left hand. In the silent video there is a confrontation with two or three people who stand in his path. He is struck in the head and falls backward.

As he gets up and goes back to the restaurant, his belongings are scooped from the pavement.

Police said they arrested a juvenile in connection with the incident.