A D.C. police commander who was demoted in 2007 has been picked to run one of the city’s most violent districts, replacing a longtime officer who is retiring to take over the Housing Authority police.

Cmdr. Robin Hoey, now assigned to the patrol support division, will take over the helm of the 7th District, in Southeast, on Nov. 4. He will replace Cmdr. Joel R. Maupin, a 29-year veteran, who led that station for eight years.

Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced the move last week on an Internet bulletin board run by the police department. “I have no doubt that Commander Hoey will continue to drive down crime and make the Seventh District the model for all others,” she said at the time.

In 2007, Lanier demoted Hoey, then commander of the 6th District, and moved him to the city’s central cell block. Hoey sued in federal court, calling the transfer humiliating and alleging Lanier had an “evil motive.”

A judge dismissed the lawsuit and Hoey lost on appeal. The 27-year veteran remained with the department, moving through several assignments. Through a spokeswoman, Lanier said on Monday that she promoted him because “he is a senior manager who has demonstrated the ability to take on the challenges of the Seventh District. I am confident he will do fine.”

Hoey earned accolades from residents during his three years commanding the the 6th District. Lanier gave no reason for moving Hoey out at the time, other than to say she had the right to form her own command team, having just been confirmed as chief.

Her spokeswoman did not respond to a request for more information about the reason for Hoey’s promotion.