Months after a judge ruled that he could stand trial, a cabdriver accused of shooting and critically wounding an Alexandria police officer has been once again declared incompetent.

Kashif Bashir, who was charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer in the shooting last year of Officer Peter Laboy, has been remanded back to a state hospital for further treatment.

Anita Boss, a forensic psychologist, testified Monday that Bashir was having issues communicating with his defense attorney. The attorney, Emily Beckman, also told the court that her client’s mental health had deteriorated since he left Central State Hospital for the local jail. Judge James C. Clark concluded, over objections from the commonwealth’s attorney, that further treatment was necessary for Bashir.

In January, prosecutors and defense attorneys told the judge that doctors had determined that Bashir could assist in his own defense and understand the proceedings in his case. But last year, Beckman wrote that her client thought people involved in the case had shape-shifted and had communicated with him telepathically. In January she expressed concern that the transition to jail might destabilize him.

Bashir is accused of shooting and wounding Laboy in an apparently random daylight attack in Old Town Alexandria on Feb. 27, 2013. He will be evaluated again for competency in June, when he was initially scheduled to stand trial.

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