A witness to a double-killing in Southeast Washington last year described for police a chilling execution-style hit on two men outside a strip of rowhouses on Ridge Road, according to court documents.

The July 17 shootings, in which a third person was injured, claimed the lives of Anthony Chase, 19, and Eric Leeper, 27. They occurred about 11:40 p.m.

On Wednesday, police arrested Carlton Maurice Johnson, 22, of Northeast, and charged him with two counts of first-degree murder while armed. A D.C. Superior Court judge ordered him detained until his preliminary hearing, scheduled for April 28.

Court documents filed in the case say that the witness saw a gold-colored vehicle park near the shooting scene in the 300 block of Ridge Road Southeast. The witness reported seeing a man known as “Woo” get out of the car and put a white T-shirt around his head. The other man was wearing a mask.

The witness told police that the gunmen went to the back of the rowhouse and emerged firing on Chase and Leeper. The court documents quote the witness as saying that the man named “Woo” chased Leeper, who stopped along Ridge Road and was “again shot by Woo.”

The other gunman shot Chase until he collapsed, and then stood over him “and shot him again,” the court papers say. Police identified “Woo” as Johnson. The second gunman is still being sought.

The court documents, while giving a detailed account of the shooting, do not provide a motive. The documents note that a D.C. police officer heard the gunfire, and a second officer in an unmarked car was driving along Ridge Road at the time and saw a man firing a gun, but could not see who was the intended target.

Police reported finding 10 .40 caliber Smith & Wesson bullet casings in a front yard, seven of which came from one gun.

At the time of the shooting, police made a public plea for witnesses to come forward. Several cars lining the street had bullet holes and shattered windows, and relatives stood in front of a house crying and hugging each other. A prayer vigil could be heard through the door; the relatives did not speak to reporters.

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