A man fatally shot early Friday outside an elementary school in Southeast Washington has been identified as a 27-year-old with a long history of run-ins with the criminal justice system, according to law enforcement authorities.

Tyree Baysean Miller died after being taken to an area hospital shortly after the shooting, which occurred about 3:20 a.m. in the 5000 block of Bass Place Southeast, in front of Nalle Elementary School.

Authorities said detectives had not yet determine a motive or suspects, though they said investigators found many shell casings at the scene that may be indicative of a shootout. Police did not have an address for Miller; his relatives could not be reached.

Last month, Miller pleaded guilty in D.C. Superior Court to possession of PCP and was sentenced to 20 months in prison. Court records show the judge suspended the time and put Miller on 18 months probation. Police said in an arrest affidavit that Miller was seen throwing a vial of PCP while he was being arrested after a traffic stop in which he tried to flee.

Police said that in 2006, Miller was charged with assault with intent to kill stemming from a shooting inside an apartment building in the 5000 block of Bass Place SE. Miller was shot and killed outside the same building early Friday.

Court documents say that Miller and two others participated in shooting and seriously wounding a man with whom they had a dispute. The gunman wore a mask and the victim could not identify his attacker. Miller was convicted in 2007 and sentenced to 13 years in prison. The conviction was based almost entirely on the testimony of his two accomplices, who had pleaded guilty to lesser offenses.

But the D.C. Court of Appeals overturned the conviction in 2011, ruling that prosecutors withheld grand jury testimony from one of the accomplices who said the shooter was left-handed. Miller is right-handed.

The appellate court sent the case back to trial and prosecutors worked out a deal in which Miller pleaded guilty to one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and was sentenced to one year of supervised release, according to court records.