A Howard County judge Monday sentenced an Ellicott City man to 30 years in prison for the murder of well-known businessman and blogger Dennis Lane, calling the crime “perverse, sadistic and dark.”

Prosecutors had asked for a life sentence for 20-year-old Jason Anthony Bulmer, who in February pleaded guilty to stabbing Lane to death at the victim’s home in Ellicott City in May 2013. But Judge Timothy McCrone said he believed that Lane, whom he described as “an extraordinarily good man,” would have wanted to show mercy toward his killer.

In extensive testimony Monday afternoon, Bulmer’s defense team described him as an intellectually limited man with childlike attributes.

They and prosecutors say that Lane’s daughter, Morgan Lane Arnold, wanted Bulmer to kill her father. Arnold was 14 at the time of the murder.

The judge also heard from Lane’s loved ones, who described him as an exuberant man who enjoyed being involved in the community.

Arnold’s attorney, Joseph Murtha, declined to comment on the claims that Arnold manipulated the slow-learning Bulmer or was more authoritative in their relationship.

Murtha said his client is scheduled for a court hearing next week, where he will argue that her case should be transferred to juvenile court. The hearing is expected to last two days and will include testimony from a psychiatrist, Arnold’s mother and others who know her.

“At her age and because of mental health issues that she has, it would be more amenable and better situated for her case to be dealt with in the juvenile system,” Murtha said.

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