A man was robbed at an ATM in Montgomery County last week in the presence of his 4-year-old daughter, county police said.

The robber placed a handgun against the back of the 48-year-old man, seized cash and fled, according to police.

There was no indication that either the father or daughter was physically harmed.

Police released a series of surveillance photos of the incident. Five appear to show the robber, in a stocking cap and sweatshirt, with his pistol pressed to the man’s back.

Two show the robber entering the vestibule. In one, the small girl appears to be looking in his direction, while he fixes his gaze over her head.

Robberies occur relatively frequently in the Washington region, but children are seldom reported present as they are carried out.

The robbery occurred about 8:30 p.m. in an ATM vestibule at a Citibank branch in the Colesville area of the county, police said. The victim, in the company of his daughter, was using the cash machine in the bank vestibule in the 13400 block of New Hampshire Avenue, the police said.

After pushing his gun into the victim’s back, police said, the robber demanded that he remove cash from the machine. Police did not disclose the amount demanded.

Police said the victim went along with the robber’s demands, and the money was taken from the machine by the robber.

He fled on foot towards Randolph Road, police said.

They described him as a black man with facial hair and a thin build. His light blue sweatshirt had a hood, which was not covering his head at the time, according to police. They said he wore dark pants and a black hat.

It was not clear how the robber got access to the vestibule. ATM vestibules usually are locked and require use of an ATM card to open.

Neither the victim nor his daughter was identified by name.

Police asked anyone with information about the robbery or the robber to call their 4th District Investigative Section at 240-773-5530.