A pedestrian was killed after a vehicle struck him and crashed into a business Monday morning in Hyattsville. (Patrick Svitek/The Washington Post)

A man in his 40s was killed Monday after he was struck by a minivan while walking on a sidewalk along Route 1 in Hyattsville.

The incident occurred about 7:30 a.m. in the 4800 block of Rhode Island Avenue, said Mark Brady, a spokesman for the Prince George’s Fire Department. The driver of the minivan apparently lost control of the vehicle and hit the man, then went through the plate-glass window of a store along Route 1. Brady said he did not know in which direction the van was traveling.

The woman who was driving the minivan sustained minor injuries, according to Brady, and was “trapped for a short period of time” in the vehicle. Both she and the injured pedestrian were transported to area hospitals. The man, whose name and exact age was not released, later died, according to Officer Nicole Hubbard, a spokeswoman with the Prince George’s County police.

Matthew Shannon-Brown, co-owner of interior design shop ID Design Collective, 4814 Rhode Island Ave., said his business partner had been sleeping in the building --- a combination live-work space -- shortly before the incident occurred.

“He was just waking up,” Shannon-Brown added.

His business partner declined to speak with reporters.

Surveying the damage up close for the first time shortly after noon, Shannon-Brown pointed to some furniture next to splintered wood in the front of the building.

“The dog usually sleeps in that chair,” Shannon-Brown said. “Luckily, the dog wasn’t in at that point.”

The car appeared to have struck a neighboring bail bonds business as well. Inside the adjacent space, a white wall was split at least once from nearly the floor to ceiling.

Route 1, also known as Rhode Island Avenue, was closed for roughly an hour as investigators were on the scene of the accident.

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