A man and woman found dead Thursday in a Washington apartment were shot in a double homicide, a D.C. police spokesman said Friday.

Officer Araz Alali, the spokesman, named the two as Ervin Phillip Ingraham and Ronnetta Hurley-Brown, both 21. Two children, ages 2 and 1, were also in the apartment in the 1600 block of 17th Street SE. They were unharmed.

At a Friday news conference Lt. Anthony Haythe said police remain “deeply involved” in investigating, seeking witnesses and surveillance video. He said it appears the victims were targeted, but declined to comment on a motive. He also said no information would be given about the victims’ relationship to the children.

Authorities confirmed that a caretaker made the discovery shortly before 4 p.m. Thursday, on a routine visit to the apartment.

Police said that when no one answered the door, she peered in through a window. saw one body and then used a key to go inside. Police said a weapon was not recovered.

As police investigated Thursday night, family members arrived, sobbing in grief.

Officers cordoned off a one-block stretch in the neighborhood of brick apartment buildings and rowhouses.On Friday, neighbors said they barely knew Ingraham and ­Hurley-Brown. Remnants of yellow police tape hung from a rusty fence and the knob on the building’s front door.

About a block south of the Anacostia Freeway, the neighborhood is between Kramer Middle School and Anacostia High School. ­Haythe assured residents that it remain safe.

“I don’t think they should be afraid to continue on,” Haythe told reporters. “Just be cautious, as I would urge anyone.”

The killings are the District’s 13th and 14th homicides of the year; there were four at this time in 2013. They are also the second double homicide this year. A 36-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman were found shot to death in a Northwest Washington apartment Jan. 20. No arrests have been made in that case.

“There’s always concern about the number of homicides,” Haythe told reporters. “I can assure you that the men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department and Homicide Branch are working diligently on each and every case.”

Clarence Williams contributed to this report.