A 22-year-old man charged in Montgomery County’s most recent homicide stabbed the victim approximately two dozen times in various parts of his body, a prosecutor said in court Monday.

“Chest, abdominal area, back, head, arms, hands,” Assistant State’s Attorney Peter Feeney said, arguing that the suspect, Mauricio Morales-Caceres, should be held without bond.

District Judge Eugene Wolfe agreed, ordering that Morales-Caceres remain in the Montgomery jail.

Other details to emerge in the case on Monday: Detectives put together their case in large part from a bloody palm print at the scene; Morales-Caceres and the victim knew each other socially; and Morales-Caceres entered the country illegally about 2 1/2 years ago.

The investigation began Dec. 23, when the estranged wife of Oscar Uriel Navarro, 36, went to see him at his townhouse on King Lear Court in the Bel Pre area of Silver Spring, according to police. She had not been able to reach him for two days. She entered the townhouse, found Navarro’s body in the basement with a lot of blood near it, backed out and called police.

Mauricio Morales-Caceres (Courtesy of Montgomery County Police Department)

Investigators found bloody shoe prints leading from the body to a bathroom. Inside the bathroom, they found more shoe prints and a blood smear on the wall. Investigators were able to lift a palm print from that smear and matched it to a known print of Morales-Caceres, detectives wrote in arrest documents. They took Morales-Caceres into custody late Sunday morning.

At first, Morales-Caceres said he didn’t know Navarro and had never been in his home, Feeney said. Then Morales-Caceres acknowledged that he had been in the home, that he knew Navarro and that on Dec. 22 he had contacted Navarro about plans to get together. But he told detectives they never met up, Feeney said.

Detectives charged him with first-degree murder.

In court Monday, Feeney told the judge that Morales-Caceres should not be allowed to post a bond because of the brutality of the crime and because he was a flight risk.

Feeney said Morales-Caceres is a citizen of El Salvador and has few ties to the Washington area.