This is often said to be an age of specialization, and authorities in one suburban county say a Maryland man has specialized in vehicle tires and rims. Specifically, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office alleged, he has been stealing them.

Rodney Peter Quarles Jr., 25, of Charlotte Hall, Md., has been charged in nine thefts involving tires and rims taken in the Waldorf area since last March, the Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

The charges stemmed from an investigation that began Jan. 31, when an officer spotted something that seemed suspicious, pursued a vehicle and took a driver into custody.

In the back of the vehicle were four 20-inch GMC rims, with tires, the Sheriff’s Office said. There was also an auto jack, lug nut tools and a ski mask, the office said.

A few hours later, a county resident reported that her GMC Yukon’s rims and tires were missing, the office said.

Investigators ultimately tied Quarles to other incidents in which tires and rims had disappeared, the Sheriff’s Office said.

They said he was charged with seven counts of theft of items valued between $1,000 and $10,000, and one of theft of property of lesser value.

Quarles was arrested Feb. 8 and released on $20,000 bond, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The matter remains under investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office suggests that residents consider installing locking lug nuts on their vehicles, place a personal identification mark on rims and listen at night for barking dogs or other unusual noises.