A former Maryland corrections officer was sentenced Wednesday to more than three years in prison for her role in drug- and money-laundering conspiracies at state-run detention facilities that prosecutors say involve more than a dozen other prison guards.

Adrena Rice, 25, was sentenced to 42 months in prison after pleading guilty to helping a violent prison gang run its operation at the Baltimore City Detention Center. According to Rice’s plea agreement, she smuggled in prescription pills, marijuana and other contraband on behalf of inmate Tavon White, a leader of the Black Guerrilla Family gang.

The far-reaching federal corruption investigation by the office of Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein has led to guilty pleas from White and eight other correctional officers who are awaiting sentencing.

In November, 14 other current or former corrections officers were arrested and charged with racketeering and drug-and-money laundering conspiracies.

The investigation, which is ongoing, has prompted criticism of the state’s prison system and calls for changes in leadership at the detention center and more stringent security measures.

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