A state trooper has been charged with forcing a woman to perform a sex act on him at gunpoint.

A Maryland State Police spokeswoman said that Brian Tucker, an 18-year member of the Maryland State Police, has been suspended without pay.

Prince George’s County police arrested Tucker on Monday about 2 a.m., when an officer on patrol saw the 43-year-old trooper standing with a woman next to an SUV parked in a commercial area, near the intersection of Rochell Avenue and Hazelwood Drive in Capitol Heights.

As the officer approached to see what was happening, the woman told him that Tucker had a gun. Tucker identified himself as a state trooper.

Prince George’s police said in a statement that Tucker had agreed to pay the woman to perform a sex act. He then forced her at gunpoint to perform an additional sex act against her will, she told police.

The gun was not Tucker’s duty weapon, Prince George’s police said. He has been charged with a first-degree sex offense and a firearm violation.