A passenger who did not want to pay the fare on a Metrobus slashed the driver across the face Monday afternoon near the Tenleytown Metro station in Northwest Washington, according to Metro Transit Police.

A Metro spokeswoman, Morgan Dye, said a suspect was quickly arrested and the knife was recovered. He was identified as Ezekiel Conway Jr., 65, who gave police an address of a homeless shelter in Northeast Washington. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The incident occurred about 1 p.m. at 40th and Albemarle streets Northwest, near a Whole Foods Store and a Starbucks and about 200 feet from Wisconsin Avenue. It was aboard a H-4 bus headed to Brookland in Northeast.

Dan Stessel, another spokesman for Metro, said the suspect got onto the bus but refused to pay. He said the driver — a 67-year-old man with 29 years experience — told him he had to pay or get off the bus. Stessel said the man then hit the driver in the face with a closed fist holding a knife. The driver was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Stessel said there were passengers aboard the bus at the time.

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