Almost two dozen burglaries have been reported in recent weeks at houses in parts of upper Montgomery County, police said. They apparently occurred while residents were at home.

County police said Tuesday that 23 burglaries have been reported since April 6 at “occupied homes’’ in neighborhoods in the Germantown area.

On Monday, police said they had been told of 18 burglaries in upper Montgomery. On Tuesday, police said that five more burglaries had either occurred or were later discovered.

Also, police said, thefts of vehicles and from vehicles had occurred in the same neighborhoods as the burglaries.

A map released by the police indicate that the burglaries occurred within a few miles of either side of Interstate 270, with most occurring west of it.

Police said no force was used to enter vehicles or houses. In many incidents, police said, doors to cars and houses had been left unlocked. The burglaries reported Tuesday occurred on streets including Black Gold Way, Winding Creek Way, McFarlin Drive and Liberty Mill Road.