Trying to steal a car at the home of a police officer is not a good idea. But if anything is more foolhardy, it is trying to steal one at the home of an officer’s mother.

The latter kind of incident unfolded Monday in Prince George’s County, producing a series of violent events. There was a car chase, a street confrontation and an effort to drive the stolen car at the officer, authorities said. Finally, there was gunfire.

About 6:45 a.m., county police said, someone started driving the woman’s car, a Toyota Corolla, away from her home in the 4300 block of 23rd Place in the Temple Hills area. Her son, an off-duty U.S. Park Police officer, spotted the activity. He got into his own vehicle and followed.

About three blocks away, at Lynn and Olson streets, the officer got out of his car and tried to confront the thief. The thief then drove toward the officer. The officer, who was not named, fired several shots at the car, police said.

Authorities are not sure whether anyone was shot. The officer was unhurt and the Corolla was abandoned in nearby Hillcrest Heights.

On Monday evening, police were still looking for the thief.