A D.C. police officer was shot and wounded, and a suspect also was shot Tuesday night in an outbreak of gunfire on a street in Northeast Washington.

The officer was said to be conscious and breathing after the incident, which occurred shortly after 9 p.m. in the Trinidad area. The suspect’s condition was not immediately known.

The circumstances leading to the shooting in the 1300 block of Queen Street, a street of row houses in a swiftly gentrifying neighborhood, were unclear late Tuesday night.

However, police spokesman Paul Metcalf said a police gun-
recovery unit was in the area at the time. The mission of such units is to seize illegal weapons.

At some point, authorities said, an exchange of fire occurred between the officer and the suspect, and both were hit.

A member of the advisory neighborhood commission for the area found himself in the middle of the incident.

David Hooper had returned from grocery shopping and had just emerged from his car when he spotted an auto driving on Queen Street, east of Gallaudet University, with police officers moving quickly behind it.

Something about the sight made him wary. When he saw the officers head back toward him, he said, he flung himself to the ground.

“I didn’t take a chance,” he said.

Just about then, he said, he heard gunshots. It sounded as though there were many, he said, but as events unfolded, he could not keep count.

As Hooper lay near his car door, officers ordered him to stay down, he said. Then, he said, they began demanding, “Who are you? Who are you?’’

It seemed to be as many as 10 minutes, Hooper said, before he was told he could get up. He ran to his porch and went inside.

Reached last night within about an hour of the incident, Hooper said he was “still unwinding.”