By his father’s account, 16-year-old George Waymer Jr. had just stepped out to get a breath of fresh air or maybe to meet up with the friends he had been playing basketball with earlier that night. Soon, gunfire rang out, and one of those friends was at the door, telling George Waymer Sr. that his son had been shot.

“My heart dropped to my shoes, man,” Waymer said. “I just ran on out. Went out there, shook him, tried to wake him up. Nothing.”

Homicide detectives with the Prince George’s County police department have no suspects or motive in the slaying, which occurred about 11:30 p.m. Sunday in the 5700 block of Jost Street in Fairmount Heights. On Wednesday, they formally identified the teenager and confirmed that he had been shot.

Waymer said he heard the gunfire that killed his son, although when he first looked out his window, he saw nothing amiss. He said that after a young boy came to his door to tell him what happened, he ran outside and found his son’s body in the street, not far from his home at 56th Place NE in the District.

“He was a good kid. He was a lovable kid,” Waymer said. “I guess he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Waymer said his son, who had lived with him in the District for about five months, worked many weekends at a barbershop in Largo, keeping up the shop while learning how to cut hair. He said the teen was scheduled to enroll in a military school in Virginia Beach on Friday, having dropped out of another Virginia-based school because he was regularly skipping class.

Waymer said his son was normally a good student and that he was “ready to go to this military school.”

Waymer said his son had no enemies that he knew of, and he did not know why someone would shoot him. He said the boys who were with his son told him that the shooter was in a light-blue car.

“Whoever was in the car just got out and started shooting,” Waymer said. “These kids are just taking each other’s life like it ain’t nothing, man. It’s crazy.”