Kelvin Parache knew his days of freedom were numbered.

In just nine days, he was due in court, when — based on a plea agreement — he’d be sent off to prison for breaking into a house and riding off with two safes that contained more than $100,000 in jewelry.

But before that, according to police accounts made public Friday, Parache had some business to take care of: Hunt down a man who owed him $3,000.

The Tuesday night slaying of James Allen Frazier came after Parache followed Frazier across Montgomery County, finally shooting him after he got off a bus in Germantown, according to authorities. Detectives linked Parache to the slaying after talking with a witness, reviewing his cellphone records and finding a gun inside the apartment of Parache’s girlfriend, according to charging documents. Frazier was 21.

When told about the pending sentencing, Norman Frazier, James Frazier’s father, said that Parache must have thought he had nothing to lose.

James Frazier. (Family Photo)

“He has no heart whatsoever,” the father said. “There’s no consideration for life, or for anybody else. I’m glad they caught him.”

Parache was ordered held without bond Friday. He has a long criminal record, stretching back to at least 2003, when he pleaded guilty in a burglary case. Other arrests and jail stints followed.

In 2013, he learned that the parents of an acquaintance of his brother had money in their home in Silver Spring, court papers say.

“We’re going to rob the joint,” he texted to a friend Sept. 6, according to court records.

And that’s what Parache and two accomplices did: break into the house while the homeowners were out of town, load the safes into an Acura and drive off. When a series of clues led detectives to Parache and they searched his apartment, they found about $50,000 worth of jewelry as well as a Ruger semiautomatic handgun wrapped in a sock, according to arrest records.

Detectives arrested Parache on Sept. 13. Over the next three months, his attorney and prosecutors worked out a deal, which had Parache pleading guilty on Dec. 11. Part of the deal was that he would get a 12-year sentence, according to an audio recording of the hearing and his attorney, Terry McGann.

The sentencing hearing was delayed so Parache could clear up another pending court matter.

Tuesday night, according to detectives, Parache had become convinced that Frazier was avoiding him because of the debt. He set out to find him, collect the money and beat him up, according to court records.

Parache, in a gray BMW, caught up to a car Frazier was in and followed him to Montgomery College, Rockville Town Center and the Flower Hill area of Gaithersburg, where Frazier got out of the car, went into a McDonald’s restaurant and eventually boarded a Ride On bus. When Frazier got off the bus in the area of Oxbridge Drive in Germantown, Parache shot him at least once. Frazier died a short time later at a hospital.

A witness helped lead detectives to Parache.

At first, Parache said he didn’t know Frazier, according to court papers. Detectives then told him that they’d found a gun in his girlfriend’s apartment.

“Parache changed his story,” Detective Dimitry Ruvin wrote in charging documents.

In Parache’s second version of the events, he said he was in the Oxbridge Drive area with Frazier, who pulled out a handgun. That led to a fight between the two Rockville men, during which Frazier was shot, he said.

“During a medical examination of the victim,” Ruvin wrote, “it was determined that the victim was shot in the back.”

McGann said he had not seen a violent side of Parache as alleged Friday. “This seems drastically different than the cases that I represented him for,” he said.

Police would not say what the $3,000 debt was from.

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