The man found dead after a condominium exploded and collapsed in a fire last week in Northeast Washington has been positively identified as Christopher J. Christofi, a 46-year-old who had worked as an office manager for a downtown lobbying firm.

Christofi’s family had said they believed the victim was Christofi, but D.C. police officially released his name Wednesday night. His body was recovered Friday, two days after the June 4 fire in the 1600 block of Isherwood Street NE, on the eastern edge of Capitol Hill.

D.C. fire investigators, along with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, are conducting an investigation, though officials said they do not yet know what caused the explosion and fire.

A spokesman for Washington Gas has said that crews investigated a gas leak at an adjacent property on May 19 but that the building Christofi lived in was fed only by electricity.

Christofi had lived in the building about a decade and was seen frequently walking his dog, which also perished in the blaze. Neighbors described seeing Christofi standing in the doorway as the fire raged and the structure collapsed on top of him.

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