Recent assertions about the reach and power of the National Security Agency might have discouraged anyone from the actions allegedly taken one day last week when police officers from the intelligence agency tried to stop him.

According to the Maryland state police, it began about sunrise Wednesday when the NSA officers, apparently on foot at, tried to stop an SUV that was approaching a checkpoint on Route 32 in Anne Arundel County.

At first, the state police said, the driver of the vehicle complied with the officers’ instructions to pull over. But while he was stopped outside the main traffic lanes, police said, the driver accelerated and tried to avoid the stop.

A pursuit began on the grounds of the super-secret intelligence agency in Anne Arundel, and one of the agency’s officers was injured by the motorist’s vehicle, the state police said.

Then, according to the state police, the motorist drove off the spy agency’s grounds and onto the nearby Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

As the morning rush-hour was getting under way, the vehicle, according to police, headed the wrong way, going north in the southbound lanes.

State troopers, who working in the NSA area, tried to find the SUV. Finally, a pursuit on the parkway ended when the vehicle was stopped at Route 32 and its driver taken into custody.

State police said Darnell David Hawkins Jr., 32, was taken into custody, in connection with the charge of trying to elude uniformed police officers.

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