The man police say abducted the 74-year-old mother of Oriole great Cal Ripken Jr. and held her for nearly 24 hours was filmed on a surveillance camera walking into and out of a store in Anne Arundel County.

Police in Aberdeen, northeast of Baltimore, released the video and a composite sketch Tuesday in hopes that someone either saw the man during the abduction between 7 a.m. July 24 and 6:15 a.m. July 25 or can identify him. Authorities said they have received dozens of tips but are still searching for the man.

Aberdeen police would not comment Tuesday on their investigation. Violet Ripken, known as “Vi,” was found unharmed in her car July 25 near her home in Aberdeen.

Last week, authorities released photos taken from the video that showed a tall, slim white male, 35 to 45, cleanshaven with brown hair. He was wearing glasses, a white jacket resembling a lab coat and an orange baseball cap with a black rim. But the photos were grainy, and the words on the cap were indecipherable.

The video was recorded the night Ripken was abducted, police said. It shows the man walking into what appears to be a Wal-Mart store through a sliding-glass door, passing by a counter and holding a plastic bag as he walked toward the parking lot.

“We are hoping that the release of this video will keep this very important case in the public eye and continue to generate information that will lead to his arrest,” said Special Agent Richard Wolf, a spokesman for the FBI office in Baltimore.

Police have not identified the store. They previously said that the man abducted Ripken in her silver 1998 Lincoln Town Car with a blue and white Boys and Girls Club sticker and an American flag sticker on the bumper.

Police said the man confronted Ripken in the garage of her home, bound her and drove her around Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, Baltimore and suburban counties for hours.

He made no ransom demands, police said, and gave no indication that he knew that she was the mother of Cal Ripken Jr. and the widow of former Orioles manager Cal Ripken Sr., two men who are virtual household names in Maryland.