A Suitland man was unarmed when shot and killed by a Prince George’s County sheriff’s deputy during a domestic violence call, county police said Friday.

Police said the man confronted two deputies who answered the call early Thursday and that Deputy Kendal Wade shot the man. Police identified the man as Michael Ricardo Minor, 38, of the 2300 block of Houston Street.

The shooting occurred around 1 a.m. at a home on Houston Street from which a 911 call had been placed “for a domestic dispute reportedly involving a gun,” the authorities said.

In a statement, police said the deputies who responded were told by a woman that Minor had left but that “she believed he retrieved a handgun before leaving.”

The confrontation occurred as Minor returned, police said. In their statement, the police said their preliminary investigation suggested that Minor “failed to obey verbal commands, and made furtive movements.”

But Minor’s girlfriend, Beverly Lewis, said in an interview that he always moved his arms when drunk “like his trying to tell a story.” She said “he was always doing something with his hands.”

Lewis said Wade repeatedly told Minor to raise his hands, but Minor did not comply. Lewis said she could see his shoulders move and heard a deputy say “don’t do that.”

Whatever it was that Minor did, Lewis said, the deputy “just fired.”

The deputies “didn’t even try to talk to him,” Lewis said. “No negotiating, no nothing.” She said she saw no weapon. The police said in their statement that “no weapon was recovered at the scene.”

Authorities said Deputy Tiffany Pullam, who has worked for the department for two years, was also there. Wade has worked for the department for four years, officials said. Deputies respond to domestic violence calls in part of the county.

Wade and Pullam have been placed on routine administrative leave as the sheriff’s office conducts an internal investigation, authorities said.

“They shouldn’t have shot my son,” said Minor’s mother, Michele Minor. “He didn’t have no weapon on him and he told them he didn’t have no weapon on him,” she said in an interview. “My son was a good person.”

Dana Hedgpeth and Magda Jean-Louis contributed to this report.