Prince William County officials investigating a home day-care facility on Tuesday found several children less than 1 year old strapped in car seats, including one left in a bathroom and one in a closet, according to police, who charged two caregivers.

The raid was conducted by county police and Child Protective Services in the 14900 block of Abilene Way in Woodbridge after officials received a tip. Police said they found two adults with 21 children ranging in age from 3 months to 4 years old. None of the children was hurt, but “most were not adequately supervised,” according to a news release.

Police said that Anila Qayyum, 29, and Rabia Qayyum, 23, were each charged with seven counts of reckless endangerment of a child.

Anila Qayyum was running the day care, and Rabia Qayyum was helping with the children, police said. The two are each being held on $8,000 bond, according to police. There was no answer at their address Wednesday.

The day care had a county business permit, which allows for the care of five children, said Officer Jonathan Perok, a police spokesman. But it had not obtained a state license to legally care for additional children, he said.

Leora LaGraffe, who lives across the street, knew that the house was a day care but not that it allegedly was illegal. She said that the community, tucked off Minnieville Road in a newer-looking subdivision, is largely made up of active and retired military.

“I didn’t know there was so many children,” she said of the allegations. “I’m so glad the police shut it down.”

The charges come amid a string of incidents in Prince William involving day-care providers. In March, caregivers were charged with operating an illegal day care after 3-month-old Teagan Sample of Bristow died. In that case, police do not believe that the caregivers were responsible for the child’s death.

In June, a man was charged with the sexual assault of 3-year-old at a licensed day care in Woodbridge.