District prosecutors have offered former Washington Redskins wide receiver Joshua Morgan a deal that could result in the misdemeanor assault charge against him to be dismissed, Morgan’s attorney told a D.C. Superior Court judge Monday during a hearing.

Morgan, 28, was charged with punching an employee of the Cities Restaurant and Lounge in Northwest Washington during an altercation in April. Morgan had previously denied the allegations and had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

During Monday’s hearing, Morgan’s attorney, Billy Martin told the judge that prosecutors offered his client what is called a diversion agreement. Details of the agreement were not released. However, usually such agreements often require a defendant to complete certain obligations, such as community service, over a period of time. If those conditions are met, prosecutors would later dismiss the case.

Such agreements are often granted to defendants facing misdemeanor charges who have no prior arrests or convictions, as is the case with Morgan.

Martin, who stood next to Morgan during the proceeding, said his client was considering the agreement, but had to verify with the NFL that he would not face any penalties or fines as a result. Otherwise, Martin said, his client was prepared to go to trial. Morgan, a District native, signed with the Chicago Bears in April.

Morgan’s next hearing is scheduled for July 8.

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