The maternal grandmother ofRelisha Rudd sought a restraining order in D.C. Superior Court this week, claiming that her daughter, Relisha’s mother, recently attacked her.

In the complaint, the grandmother, Melissa Young, wrote that on May 17 Shamika Young, along with her boyfriend, Antonio Wheeler,“physically assaulted me.” Melissa Young also said the grandmother of Wheeler’s two sons “helped” in the attack against her.

Melissa Young checked off a box that her daughter and Wheeler’s actions “place my family member’s safety or welfare in immediate danger and I request that the court grant me a temporary protection order today.” D.C. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Renee Raymond granted the civil protection order on May 19. A hearing is scheduled for June 2.

News of the restraining order was first reported by WUSA9.

The restraining order further highlights the challenging dynamics between the family members of Relisha, an 8-year-old-girl whose disappearance from a D.C. homeless shelter sparked a multi-state manhunt in March. Shamika Young still blames her mother for Relisha’s disappearance, saying the girl was in Melissa Young’s care at the time, family members said. Relisha remains missing.

At a prayer vigil and search for Relisha , Shamika Young, 27, and her mother got into a brief argument.

“’Why did you have to give my baby away?’” Shamika Young tell her their mother, according to Ashley Young, Shamika’s sister.

Ashley Young said there have been problems between her mother and sister for years, but Relisha’s disappearance has exacerbated the tension.

“I hate to say it, but I don’t think they’re gonna bounce back from this,” Ashley Young said. “Right now, I wish it would stop and I wish we would unite.”

Relisha captured the attention of the city when she disappeared on March 1 with Kahlil Tatum, the custodian of a D.C. homeless shelter where she, her mother and her brothers, ages 7, 5 and 4 were staying. The city filed a neglect case against both Shamika Young and Wheeler soon after Relisha’s disappearance. Currently, the three brothers are in foster care as the boys’ father and Shamika fight for custody.


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