Former owner of the Rams Head Tavern in Savage, Md., was given a partially suspended two-year sentence Thursday after admitting to video tapping women in the restaurant bathroom. Kyle Muehlhauser, 37, will only serve 90 days in jail if he does not violate any of the conditions of his release. (WUSA9)

A former restaurant executive pleaded guilty Thursday to recording videos of patrons in the bathroom, and was sentenced to 90 days in prison.

Kyle Muehlhauser was the owner of the Rams Head Tavern in Savage, Md., one location of the restaurant chain that his father started in 1989. On Thursday, the son pleaded guilty to two counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent.

Howard County Assistant State’s Attorney Joanna Miller said in court that Muehlhauser’s camera came to light when a woman eating lunch in his Howard County restaurant heard something fall to the floor when she used the bathroom.

She noticed an object that seemed to be a recording device, picked it up and brought it to a police station.

A detective who examined the device thought that it had been attached underneath the sink in the single-occupancy bathroom using Velcro, Miller said. The camera, which pointed toward the toilet, had recorded a man affixing the device to the sink and six women using the bathroom.

Kyle Muehlhauser (Howard County Police)

Muehlhauser, 37, of Severna Park said in an earlier statement that he was “embarrassed and humiliated” when he was indicted.

Muehlhauser was officially sentenced to two years in prison, with all but 90 days suspended.

Kyle Muehlhauser was named president of the Rams Head Group about five years ago, said Erin McNaboe, who became president of the group in February, when charges were pressed against Kyle Muehlhauser. He currently doesn’t have a title with the restaurant group, McNaboe said.

The chain of seven Maryland restaurants and entertainment venues, including one on the water at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, released a one-paragraph statement on Thursday that did not refer to Muehlhauser by name.

“The past few months have been difficult on many levels,” the statement said. “We are very grateful to those who have trusted us through adversity.”

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