A Metro train was offloaded and the Woodley Park station was evacuated Saturday after faulty brakes filled the station with smoke, in the first of two smoke incidents in the system on the same day.

In the second incident, which occurred Sarturday night, smoke was reported in a Metro tunnel near the Foggy Bottom station.

The smoke was reported along the inbound track from Rosslyn about 8:30 p.m., said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. No trains were in the tunnel or operating at the time of the report, and no injuries were reported, Stessel said.

Firefighters were deployed to the station platform as a precaution, but did not enter the tunnel, Stessel said. Transit officials believe a maintenanc problem produced the smoke, Stessel said. Additional details were not immediately available.

The incident produced delays of between five and 10 minutes, Stessel said.

The earlier incident incident led to Red Line delays in both directions, causing some passengers who were headed to the Washington Capitals game to arrive late.

In that incident, Stessel said passengers were taken off a Red Line train shortly after noon leading to a delay in both directions of about 20 minutes.

In the Woodley Park incident, D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Tim Wilson said brake friction caused the smoke and that it is being investigated. The train was removed from service. Wilson said the smoke dissipated in about 30 minutes.

Riders who were on the train and in the station described the situation as frightening, beginning with a loud noise and a flash of light followed by smoke.

Photos posted on Twitter appeared to show smoke in the Woodley Park station, and riders reported that they were asked to leave the train and exit the station quickly.

That the episode had passengers on edge is unsurprising, given last month’s incident involving an electrical malfunction that filled a Metro tunnel with smoke just south of the District’s L’Enfant Plaza. A woman died and dozens were injured as they waited for help to arrive.

Wilson said emergency officials received calls about smoke in the Woodley Park station at 12:10 p.m. Saturday. Emergency crews arrived quickly and found that no one was injured.

Some Capitals fans, on their way to the 12:30 p.m. game at Verizon Center against the New York Islanders, were removed from the trains and said the issue caused them to miss a portion of the first period.

The Metro delays came as snow was beginning to gain strength across the area. Aacumulation by mid-afternoon led to 30- to 60-minute Metrobus delays in the region. Trains weren’t affected, Stessel said.