When Eric Somuah didn’t show up for two days at his job and didn’t respond to phone calls and text messages from his siblings, the family was certain that something was wrong, his brother, Michael Somuah, said Thursday.

On Wednesday, a sister and Somuah’s father called Montgomery County police, who met them at the Silver Spring apartment that Eric Somuah had rented since about October. The relatives waited downstairs as police entered the apartment, in the 1100 block of East-West Highway. About 5 p.m., police found the body of Somuah, 34. He had been shot at least once in what detectives are investigating as a homicide.

“It was completely shocking,” said Michael Somuah, 45, of Fredericksburg. He said he had last heard from his brother late Monday.

Michael Somuah said police did not share details of his brother’s injuries or say where the body was found in the unit. He said Eric lived in a building with secured access.

Eric Somuah had not mentioned any threats and did not have health problems, his brother said.

Like his brother, Michael Somuah is in the car business, and he heard Wednesday from Eric’s boss at a Bethesda Range Rover and Jaguar dealership that Eric had missed work. The boss “said that isn’t like him and wondered if maybe he might have quit but hadn’t said so,” Michael Somuah said.

Eric Somuah had worked in sales since he was 18, after graduating from Hayfield High School in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County. He “was good at it. He made a good living. He had a real entrepreneur’s spirit,” Michael Somuah said.

Eric Somuah was making plans to start a company to staff health-care positions such as home health aides, his brother said.

Eric was one of four siblings who grew up in the Springfield area.

Investigators were awaiting autopsy results from the Maryland medical examiner’s office.