A D.C. Superior Court judge Tuesday chastised a senior State Department official for violating the terms of his home confinement court order following his arrest last month for taking videos of women through the windows of their homes.

Daniel A. Rosen, 44, charged with voyeurism and stalking and recording some 40 videos of women — some of them at various stages of undress — in his Northwest neighborhood, appeared in court with his attorney, Bernie Grimm, in preparation for his preliminary hearing. But Rosen chose to waive the hearing.

During the proceeding, an official with the city’s pre-trial services, which monitors defendants who have been placed on high intensive supervision, told Judge Rhonda Reid-Winston that on April 16 Rosen violated the terms of his home confinement by venturing off his porch to the street outside his home between 6 p.m. and 2:30 a.m.

A GPS device attached to Rosen’s leg is electronically linked to a device in his home to ensure he adheres to court orders. Except for meetings with his attorney, Rosen was ordered to remain in his house after 6 p.m.

The judge warned Rosen that if he violated the terms again, she would revoke his conditions of release and send him back to jail until trial.

Daniel Rosen faces charges of voyeurism and stalking in D.C. Superior Court and charges in Fairfax County for trying to arrange sex with an undercover officer posing as 14-year-old girl. (Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office/via AP)

“Be clear, when I place someone on high intensive supervision, they have to comply to the letter every minute of every day. Do you understand,” Reid-Winston said.

“I do, your honor,” Rosen said.

“If I revoke your condition of release, you will be going to the jail,” she said.

Neither Rosen, nor his attorney, explained why Rosen left the porch of his home.

After the hearing, Rosen, who was accompanied by his wife, declined to comment.

Police have said video on Rosen’s cellphone, examined after his arrest, linked him to 24 women in Adams Morgan, the U Street corridor and Mount Pleasant, the neighborhood in which the man lives.

Police said one series of videos was taken through a small window of a basement apartment, accessible only by an alley. The affidavit says the victim was filmed in her bedroom, undressing, changing clothes and going in and out of her closet. Another woman was filmed from outside her bedroom window while she was partially clothed, according to the affidavit.

Rosen’s next hearing is scheduled for June 30.

Rosen also faces charges in Fairfax County for trying to arrange sex with an undercover officer posing as 14-year-old girl. A hearing in that case is scheduled for May 4.